Anna’s Ark offers in-home or off-site training sessions specifically designed to meet your goals for your dog.  All training is practiced using force -free, positive, non-aversive methods that you can feel good about.  No two dogs are alike, so training plans are developed to meet the needs of each dog specifically.

We offer creative and caring methods, proven to foster change.  Our goal is to help you by implementing a plan and develop strategies for resolution of problem behaviors.   Anna’s Ark will help you connect to your dog and gain the ability to communicate your needs and understand your dog’s needs, allowing you to develop a harmonious relationship.

A healthy relationship between people and their pets is based on trust, patience, positive communication and consistency. Changing behavior by introducing positive reinforcement creates trust, and respect that clearly communicates to your dog your desires, while motivating change for inappropriate or unsuitable behaviors.

You will be instructed on the determents of using dominance and confrontational methods which intimidate our pets, leading to fear, anxiety and reactive behaviors.  These methods use force to get your dog to comply to your commands by using punishment or other abrasive tactics, and demonstrates to our pet that we are not to be trusted, as we are unpredictable and threatening. You will be shown simple yet superior techniques to enable you to understand and interrupt behavior patterns prior to them becoming a problem.  Our methods aim to develop predictable, reliable behavior and serve to enhance relationship building.


Training Solutions offered by Anna’s Ark:

Basic Obedience
Fear-Based Behaviors
Dog-Dog Aggression
Dog-Human Aggression
Off-Leash Training
On-Leash Training
Puppy Consultations
Dog Adoption Consultation
Socialization Strategies and Techniques
Body Language Coaching


Training rates:

  • Initial training assessment – 1 ½ – 2 hours –  $120.00
  • One-hour private training – $95.00
  • Training packages of 3 – One-hour sessions – $270.00
  • One-on-One Instruction Leash Walks – ½ hour – $50.00
  • One-on-One Instruction Off Leash Walks – ½ hour – $50.00

Prices are subject to change.