Anna’s Ark Offers Private Walking & Group Walking

Private walks are offered for dogs that need a mid-day break.  We offer private walks for dogs that do not tolerate other dogs well, are sick or old and/or struggling with limited or restricted movement.  Off-leash training can be implemented into your dog’s walk, time permitted.  All private walks must be booked well in advance to ensure that there is an available walker to meet your needs.

Private walking sessions are also available to assist you in building your skills as a handler.  Techniques taught to your dog will help him/her to relax and increases their focus on you.  We work on loose leash methods and zero in on what your dog is telling us so that we can build skills to ensure that your walks are enjoyable and fun.

  • Private one-hour walks – $40.00
  • Private ½ hour walks – $25.00
  • One-on-One Instruction Leash Walks – ½ hour – $50.00


Group walking is a pleasant form of socialization and great exercise for your dog.  Our adventures combine fun and excitement, exercise for both the mind and body of the dog.  Yes, the mind, as training is a big part of our off-leash adventures!  Being off-leash is a privilege that must be earned by proper skills and obedience.  We want our dogs to have strong skills in an off-leash environment so that they are ambassadors to the community.



Our goal is to build up self-esteem, teach manners, give daily breaks, and provide exercise.  Dogs are very social and need same species interaction for over all mental well-being.  They build relationships and look forward to meeting friends, getting out and playing, and having the long day injected with a bit of fun.

All group dogs begin on-leash until skills are established prior to being unleashed.  Owners and walkers work in conjunction with one another to ensure that proper park manners and behaviors are being observed.

  • Group walks – 1 hour – $20.00
  • Second dog from same household – $12.00
  • Group Double Walk Single Dog $36.00


One-on-One Coaching is also available with a Certified Trainer so that your handling skills are enhanced while out with your dog.  Off leash walks raise many questions from owners and knowing canine language is very beneficial for your dog’s safety.  Community plays a large role in proper socialization and we want you to be confident while out in the real world.

  •  One on One Coaching  – ½ hour – $50.00
  • One on One Coaching while in a small group – 1 hour – $90.00

Anna’s Ark reserves the right to request owners take a training session(s) if required if difficulties with your pet are noted.  The daily walk is instrumental in proper brain functioning and health and it is important that consistency in handling techniques are being met.  Prices are subject to change.